Preparation for Shoot

Thank you again for choosing afb.

We're looking forward to working with you, below are listed details and directions on how to prepare for before arriving.

What to Pack: you are going to get a couple different looks in the given time period. bring a couple of outfits that you really want to wear, then bring whatever you have of the following: Bras, panties, stockings, robe, lingerie, boy shorts, cutoff shirts, long button down mens shirt, bodysuits, etc ...

How to arrive:  Makeup- don't wear any. our retouching team will add all the makeup to your images in post. The retouching is already included in our pricing. Hair, come with it done and bring all your hair accessories with you. Something to put it up, tie it back and brush it with. I have mirrors and a makeup area for you to primp at.  

What to expect: just know that your going to have an amazing experience. The photographer will sit down with you to start, so he can understand the kinds of images that you're looking for. During the shoot you can choose the music of your choice and we have wine if you want take the edge off. this is all about you feeling comfortable in our safe environment and creating some amazing images. If at anytime you have any ideas please share them with the photographer. communication is imperative during a shoot. 

Contact Details:

Contact Details:

(Please feel free to reach out if any issues occur prior to your shoot.)

Phone#: 818-419-5568