Meet the Photographer

Release Your Inner Beauty

Joel Michaels

 Your Photographer

     For more than 28 years, Joel has been a Professional Photographer. He originally got interested in shooting when he was a teenager, he used to watch his father process and print film from in a darkroom they had under his house. At the age of 16, Joel started photography in High School, where he began his passion. This work got him more involved in the world of photography. after graduating college for photography, joel started assisting professional photographers all around the Los Angeles area,

    commercial, products, events, and everything in between, Joel has become a clear definition of a Professional Photographer. The results of his work have brought him on all sides of the industry, wherein 1991 he opened his first studio in Los Angeles and has never looked back. 

    Joel since has worked with models of sizes in the entertainment/magazine industry where his work has been viewed in font and behind the scenes in the modeling world of Los Angeles. In 2019 joel moved his talents to Pennsylvania leaving the glamor of L.A. but bringing the craftmanship with him.

    “Anyone can work with models and capture images, that’s what photographers do, But not all photographers make a connection with their subjects and really understand how they see themselves.  I enjoy sitting down with each client before a shoot and really learning about them, so I can bring their personality out in their final photos.         

   my goal is to makes my images different. to show a women’s inner beauty, because that is the pure gold of a beautiful shot. “

- Joel